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Sarah [mum]

My kids love working with Elise for English and Karen for Maths. They actually look forward to their tutoring! I would recommend How to High School to everyone.

I am amazed at what growth and development is possible when a child has someone on their side assisting them with their school work, and empowering them to be all they can be, that sometimes as busy parents we do not always have time to do as fully as we'd like.

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Monica [mum]

Elise is an amazing educator and my son looks forward to his sessions with her.

He also learns so much, with her patience and clear guidance.

Highly recommended!

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Belinda [mum]

Wow! What a difference a term makes when you have Elise!

We couldn't believe the difference [the coaching] was making in our home life, not only for our son, but as a family. I was now not nagging him each afternoon; we all just followed Elise's timetable.

We couldn't be any happier with How to High School; we've already booked in for all of next year!

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Grace [student]

Elise has helped me get through Yr 12 and my Cert III in Business Admin (Medical)... with creating task management lists, weekly/monthly study timetables, and teaching me how to break tasks down into achievable chunks. She also helped me create an awesome resume and showed me how to adapt job applications to each specific job description. Thank you Elise! You're amazing! I couldn't have done it without you!

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Tayla [student]

Elise helped me so much [with Yr 12]! It's easy to say, without Elise, my grades wouldn't have improved as much as they did. I highly recommend Elise to all students, whatever age.

Elise taught me Year 11 and 12 English for ESL Learners at Nambour State College. She is one of those rare individuals who is able to create relevant, interesting learning experiences that we all enjoyed so much that we often didn’t realise how much language we were learning. Elise’s teaching approach boosted our confidence greatly because we were practicing everyday-English that we could immediately use with our non-ESL peers, teachers and others. I can promise you that Elise will not only put in 100% as a teacher, but will also motivate you to move forward in your language journey and make real progress.

Dat Ly - 2018
Student | Nambour State College, QLD [2016 Graduate]

Elise was my senior Study of Society teacher in 2014 and 2015 at Nambour State College. The knowledge and academic abilities that Elise provided me with have assisted me greatly in my university career, and personal life. Over the two years I attended her classes, I repeatedly witnessed her adjust her teaching techniques to suit the various needs of her students, and create a wholesome learning environment for her students.

Caitlin Harwood - 2018
Student | Nambour State College, QLD  [2015 Graduate]

If you want someone to motivate your son/daughter, Elise is highly likely the one who can do it.
Her passion, enthusiasm and refusal to leave any stone unturned will give you the best chance at helping your child succeed, and even enjoy their studies.
To have such a highly trained and committed professional at your child's disposal is absolutely worth it and an opportunity to be seized.

Susan O'Leary - 2017
Teacher Librarian | Thebarton Senior College, SA

Elise would have to be one of the most outstanding young teachers I have had the opportunity to employ during my career. Her capacity to connect with students and differentiate their learning irrespective of ability is innate. This grasp of differentiation, and strategies for pupil engagement are major strengths, as is her initiative. She is a talented teacher in all respects with a natural, energetic presence that is complemented by an extremely strong work ethic and a rigorous intellectual engagement with planning and assessment. The management of learning for genuinely disruptive and disengaged students appears effortless but has brought about significant improvement in their literacies. Her integration and use of learning technologies provides an insight into innovative 21st century learning and resulted in Elise being sought out to be an E-Learning Coach at Heathfield High School.
Parents comment on the value of Elise's regular communication through email that enables the parent to be well informed and empowered to support their child's learning as well as feeling connected to the school, which is often difficult in a secondary setting.
Her subject knowledge is excellent: her outstanding academic record speaks for itself, and she has demonstrated ability with a diverse and successful range of teaching and learning strategies in subjects including English, History, Geography, EALD, Aboriginal Studies, Tourism, Society and Culture, Indonesian, and Visual Art Studies.

Alistair Brown - 2013
Former Principal | Heathfield High School, SA