Task management - get it done!
For groups of 3-6 students

Perfect for students tackling a group project with a tight deadline, or for a group of students in the same subject needing extra help getting their head around a certain concept.

Also great for a group of students looking for specialised exam or test preparation.

Example - Group of 6 students:

It’s Monday. Your group presentation for Year 11 English is on Friday. You’re nowhere near ready and your group of six are all over the place. You send me the details of the assignment and arrange to meet me at the library after school tomorrow. I facilitate an interactive group session in which a plan of action is drawn up and ensure that all of you are on the same page.

Now, you all know exactly what you need to do, and how to work it around all your other commitments each day, to be ready to present on Friday… and get a grade you’ll be proud of.

Peace of mind for just $25 each! 


Why go for the Group Smash?


  • 60-minute session with a qualified, experienced, passionate teacher.

  • Positive, focused, yet relaxed work environment.

  • Interactive, relevant and tailored to the specific needs of the group and task.

  • The price is for the session, not the number of students (3 to 8 students welcome).

  • A plan-of-attack is created to complete the task at hand, including a realistic timeline and checklist for students to follow.

  • Price includes much-needed study snacks!


  • ​Achieve identified goals in a short space of time.

  • Perfect for tackling a group assignment/project, particularly when the group dynamics are strained, or when there’s a tight deadline.

  • Cost effective - equates to just $18.75 each for a group of 8.

  • Great for a group of students in the same class/subject, needing extra help on a concept, assignment, or upcoming test/exam, but your teacher isn’t able to dedicate the time.

  • Complete the task faster and with a greater chance of success... get that A!

  • Learn effective methods and strategies for tackling future tasks.

  • Improve time management, collaboration, team work and problem-solving skills.

  • Takes the pressure off your teacher (and parents).

  • Sessions held at a public location negotiated with the students/parents – council library or cafe.