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Senior English, Social Sciences Coach + Study Techniques Guru


With 10+ years experience in education, Elise's passion lies in working with teens and their families to create practical study routines that make a real difference, and produce impressive results. Elise specialises in coaching English and Social Sciences. In particular, she loves coaching grammar, spelling and how to use clever language devices. Elise has extensive experience teaching and coaching English Yr 7-12, including Senior English Extension.

The teacher who left the biggest impression on Elise in school was her Yr 8 Science teacher, Ms Scicluna, because she was super organised, passionate, gave really useful feedback, explained everything methodically, and wore some pretty killer chambray shirts!

Her favourite highlighter colour is blue, and her go-to pen is a black 0.2 Artline-220 or a graphic pencil.


Math General + Methods Coach


What makes Kiah excited about Maths is the creative challenge of problem solving and how it exists in so many incredible patterns and formulas in nature.

For Kiah, the best thing about coaching teenagers is when there is that 'light-bulb' moment where the understanding clicks - she gets the same satisfaction and pride that they do from successfully helping them.

Because Kiah was in high school just a few years ago, she can share with students the kind of tricks and methods that helped her understand the content when she was learning it.

Kiah's favourite colour highlighter is green and her go-to pen is a Pilot Frixion erasable pen.

Her favourite teacher from school was her Yr 8 Maths teacher, Mr Nichols, because he always patiently helped find new ways to understand problems, and had a ridiculously cheesy song to remember just about every formula!

Psychology Coach


Emma loves being able to inspire students to keep following their thirst for knowledge. She is fascinated by the fact that every time we learn something new, we stretch our minds; the way we see things forever changes, enriching our understanding of the world around us. 

Emma knows that during the senior years of school, her role as a mentor plays an important part in a teenager's future path - she loves being part of those discussions around careers and future study! Her coaching follows a student-centred approach; her goal is to prompt students to arrive at learning milestones themselves, within a safe, supported space. 

As a huge stationery fan, Emma's favourite instruments are mildliners and Tombow brush pens!

Her favourite highlighter colour is pink, of course!

The teacher that inspired her love of science was her senior Chemistry teacher, Mr O'Connor. He showed her what it meant to learn and explore science for the pure joy of it. 

Emma has loads of  study tips (they're kinda her thing) - she always starts with the assessment criteria when tackling a task, and she is a fan of colourful mind maps to help understanding of connections between concepts.



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