BEd, BA, Dip OSHC  |  Learning Specialist + Director: How to High School

Working as a high school teacher for seven years, I saw so many students needing extra support than what I could provide in the classroom. Even though I dedicated as much non-teaching time as I could to my students, offering lunch-time and after school tutoring, there was never enough hours to support students as much as they needed, amongst all the other work I needed to do as a teacher. 

How to High School is my way of filling the gap that exists for so many students between the school experience and achieving to their potential. My aim is to complement the work teachers, parents and support staff already do, not to compete. I believe we should all be in it together! By developing effective learning and management strategies according to the individual's unique abilities and learning style, I know that students can achieve meaningful results, and most importantly, increase their confidence and become truly empowered through their learning. This is where How to High School can help.

Working with young people is my passion, but when I'm not doing that, you'll find me at the beach, hiking, drinking coffee, or hanging at home watching Louis Theroux documentaries on the sofa with my cat.

I look forward to finding out more about you, and how I can help you win the high school game!